Hitting the Big Time


Oh Snap!! Did anyone catch Phyllin’ Phat on the UBER popular Meals and Miles?!?!


Oh, yah..that’s right…Skinny Runner, RunEatRepeat, Blonde Ponytail, and little ol’ Me!!!


Thanks Meghann for adding my page and welcome new readers!!! I hope everyone sticks around to follow my journey….I must let you know though:

  • I’m not particularly athletic, stylish, funny, creative, or even really healthy. So, yah, I’m not sure if you’ll actually learn anything.  I kid! Along with my boyfriend and my bullmastiff puppy, I occasionally have a funny joke and a good health tip. 
  • I promise to update all of the pages that currently say “Coming Soon”.  Much like the long-anticipated Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy album, the “Coming soon” sections have been a year in the making and will probably be a big let down when I finally get to it done.


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