Weekend Review

Workout: P90X Plyometrics (oh, yah you read that right..I’m starting P90X AGAIN).

If you read my last post, you’ll remember that I’m a high roller in Vegas and was comped at free night at The Mirage. So we pulled into the fabulous Mirage, Champagne corks flew and I was overwhelmed by the outrageous number of “Welcome back Miss Phatty”’ greetings.  

Well..okay, maybe that’s not exactly what happened.  So I had to wait in line like the average shmoo, and I didn’t get upgraded to a penthouse suite, but what I did get was early check-in. Oh, yah, that’s right suckers!! When everyone else around me was being told rooms weren’t available little ol’ Phatty got herself a room.

When we got to our standard, run of the mill, early access room Joe did his “I’m a baller eating carrots dance”



Then it was off to the strip to continue the high roller weekend theme. I forgot my sunglass, which was perfect, because I was at a shopping mecca. Within a stone’s throw of the Mirage are all of the top designers – Gucci, Chanel, Valentino, etc.  So, I stopped at picked up a cool new pair of Dior sunglasses.  I was really shocked at the low prices though…only $6.99, yes you read that right, Dior sunglasses for less than $10!!!


Joe was starving and really wanted to get a couple hot dogs at Pink’s, so in my best Jay-Z big money rap I told him:

“I don’t like it if it don’t gleam clean
And to hell with the price
cause the money ain’t a thang”

and we were off to Planet Hollywood to treat ourselves to a dog. Pink’s is a L.A. institution that opened a little shop at PH a couple years ago.  Joe has to go here every time we are in Vegas, which I’m okay with because it gives me a great excuse to pig out!!


Then we spent a WHOLE lot of time playing my favorite game in Vegas- Roulette.  I like to switch it up between video roulette, table roulette, and my new favorite way – Half Video/Half Table Roulette (I don’t know what it’s really called)..but you place your bids on the your computer screen and then the dealer spins the wheel. Joe knows that I mean business and leaves me be for my extended roulette sessions, that’s why I love him so.


I had one too many drinks playing so we headed to dinner and then my new favorite lounge in Vegas: the Rhumbar at the Mirage.  It’s SUPER cozy and the drinks are fabulous.  Notice how as the night progresses the pictures get fuzzier and fuzzier.





Then next day was a planned pool day, but a cold front came in so we did the next best thing..Stuffed our faces with delish food and gambled. All in all, I ended up winning back everything Joe and I lost the previous day and won enough to cover our booze and food expenditures.  Baller! Gotta love a free vacation!

All and all I must say, I enjoyed the High Roller lifestyle and hope MGM-Mirage welcomes my cheapass back again!


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