Back In Black


Look who got her computer fixed!!! (Finally!!)

I know everyone is soo excited and has been missing their little Philly. Don’t worry..In the great words of Brian Johnson, “I hit the sack, I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back…I’m back in black”


It’s been a long time, so much as happen. Here’s a quick recap:

  • I partied and cried hard at two weddings, including my brothers in Vegas.
  • Puppy Vegas was told he needed to lose five pounds and has since reached out to Jenny Craig for a multi-million dollar weight loss deal. Momma and daddy are counting on Vegas to take care of the family.
  • I’ve been crazy stressed and hence have been stress eating…wish I was one of those girls that didn’t eat when they were stressed.
  • I’ve been continuing at-home and outpatient medical treatment and are now FINALLY feel tip-top!! Now my craptastic body just needs to keep it up!
  • My thumbs are extremely sore from the month+ of only having an iphone to contact people.
  • I’ve been on-and-off the raw food diet…some weeks I kick ass and am 75% raw..some weeks I’m lucky I get an apple in.
  • I’ve been deeply obsessed with all things Olympics. There are so many inspiration and touching moments.  Best moment of the Olympics, thus far…When they announced Phyllin Phat’s computer got fixed during a tennis match. 

Thanks Will and Kate, I’ve missed you too. Cheers

That’s about it…I’m just happy to be back and glad to be connected back to the 21st Century.



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