Rawvacado Ice Cream


Arizona + Middle of August = Shitastic

Us Zonies have it pretty good – year round sunshine, little rain, ideal temps, no winter.  This perfect conditions come with a price though. Every spring we brace ourselves for five months of feeling like a over baked chicken under the broiler and every year we tell each other “It’s a small price to pay for Christmas in shorts”. So every year we stock up on water, park two miles from the store opening  so we can park under a measly Mesquite Tree, and become hermits in our over air conditioned houses.  May, June, July…it’s all good. Then, the middle of August rears its ugly head.

By the middle of August, you have had countless days of 100+ degrees and still have a solid 1-2  months of “hotter than most” temps. This year it’s been fairly mild, but pretty humid (yes, you Midwesterns can laugh at our 20% humidity complaints); however, I’m still over the summer and ready for perfect 90 degree days.  I was feeling pretty down in the dumps until I made the discovery of the century (alright maybe just the day…okay, okay, maybe just the past two minutes).

With the heat and humidity, I was majorly craving some ice cream goodness.  I scoured the freezer looking for anything that would satisfy my sweet, icy cravings. Alas no luck…. So I turned to the counter top and lights beamed down and trumpets blared.  There’s an avocado and banana!!! BAM – RAWVACADO ICE CREAM!!

I know what you are thinking, “Wait a second…ice cream made out of avocados. I think I’ll pass, phatty, and just go get some DQ.” It sounds pretty nasty, but trust me..it’s pretty damn good!! Give it a try, here’s my recipe:


Chocolate Rawvacado Ice Cream (1 Serving)

  • In blender, mix 1 ripe banana, 1 avocado, 1-2 tablespoons of raw agave nectar, 1-2 tables of raw cocoa powder (go by your taste..sometimes I want sweeter ice cream and put more nectar then chocolate, other times the opposite).


  • Pour into container and freezer 1 hour. You’ll notice by the picture below, if you don’t freeze the avocado mixture you’ve just made chocolate rawvacado mouse!!


  • Enjoy!!!


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