About Me

Welcome! My name is Phyllis and I’m a part-time blogger, major workaholic, and recovering lazy ass. In effort to get fit, I originally started this blog as a means to document my workouts/diet and to stay accountable.  After a long break from blogging, and a major mental breakdown, Phyllin Phat was reinvented to chronicle my journey back to mentally and physically phylling phat (and using “ph” a lot in the process).  I hope you find something in this blog that you can relate to and understand.

Phylli in a Nutshell:

  • Born in Washington state, but considers herself a Hoosier through and through
  • Bachelors and Masters in Geography from Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils)
  • Lives the bright and sunny Sonoran Desert, but put’s Rob Pattison’s Twilight shimmer to shame (pure white is the next big thing)
  • Have two furbabies-  Vegas (bullmastiff) and Sasha (pitbull mix)
  • Loves – marathon Netflix sessions, laughing till I cry, making fun of myself, feeling Phat.

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