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Eatin’ Raw–Tuesday and Wednesday

Here’s the food situation for the last two days:

Tuesday Breakfast: I gave into a bagel temptations and indulged in half a bagel with cream cheese. My scrumptious two minutes of carb-heaven was followed by four hours of bloat and stomach cramps. Oh carbs, I love you, but I hate you.

Tuesday Lunch: Just like the Marine Corp, I leave no man behind. I still had a half a container of Greek salad dressing at work, so I topped my salad with the green goodness, put a fork in it, and devoured my salad.



Tuesday Dinner: My ode to Tabouleh

  • Dice up 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, 1/2 of a cucumber, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1 scallion


  • To diced veggies add 1/2 cup of minced mint, 1/2 cup minced parsley, 1/2 jalapeno diced, 1 minced garlic clove, 1 teaspoon of minced ginger, 1/2 juice of a lemon, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s liquid aminos, and Himalayan salt and cracked pepper to taste. IMG_0602
  • Refrigerate for at least an hour, but it is even better the next day!

Wednesday – Rinse and Repeat above. Again, no veggie is left behind!


Fixation Friday

I would like to present my new weekly update of things I’m obsessed with….I’m obsessed with a lot of stuff, so this might turn into a three-part weekly series.

This week- Cheribundi

The beginning of the obsession: Amidst the chaos of the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon Expo, there was one place of refuge…the Cheribundi booth. I typically don’t try drinks out expos, something about germs and too many people grabbing at the tiny cups, but when I saw this fresh cherry drink I had to stop. Thank God I did, because even as I was clubbing it up at the Wynn the next night, I caught myself dreaming about the cherry goodness of the Cheribundi drink.

Cheribundi tastes like a bundle of cherries (hence the name) freshly squeezed in your mouth. It’s tart, yet sweet, and satisfies any sugar cravings you are having. As soon as I got back to the Valley of the Sun, I scoured the valley searching for the drink with no success. I finally broke down and ordered a case off the Cheribundi website to satisfy my cravings.


The obsession still continues to this day. I buy these on a regular basis, have sent cases to friends, and wake up in the middle of the night for a quick chug of cherry goodness. I even made martinis with Cheribundi during Christmas time!



Product Details: 

  • Five different flavors (Regular, Skinny Version, Ginger, Chocolate, and Protein spiked)
  • The regular Cheribundi is a mixture of pressed cherries and apple juice (not from concentrate). So it’s 100% juice!


  • The skinny version is 65% juice with water and stevia included.


  • There are approximately 50 cherries per 8 fluid ounces in the regular Cheribundi.
  • Move over pomegranate, Cherry is the next super fruit.  Research shows that cherries can help you recover from exercise faster, sleep better, have anti-inflammatory benefits, can reduce pain from arthritis, and are heart health. Don’t believe me? Click here to read more about cherries.
  • Are available at Sprouts, Safeway, Whole Foods, and other local vendors. I finally have found this ruby gems at my local Safeway for $2.50 a bottle (occasionally on sale for $1).

Question – What are you obsessed with right now?


Weekend In Review

Weekend Workouts: One awesome 5 mile run and one 3 miler

Mr. Romance, my boyfriend Joe, broke his toe on Thursday so most of our plans for the weekend were shot. It’s funny when you tell someone that you have broken a toe, everyone assumes it was due to some horrific accident. So, what was Joe’s horrific event?

It was a dark, not so stormy night.  Joe and Vegas were playing tug-o-war in the TV room, when suddenly Joe threw the rope into the adjoining room. Vegas jumped up and sprinted towards the kitchen…with all of the excitement, Joe started to chase Vegas. And then….it happened….the stairs.  Out of no where, the stairs between the Kitchen and the TV room jumped in front of Joe and punched his big toe as hard as it could. Joe screamed in pain “WHERE DID THAT COME FROM……ARGHHHH!!!!….HELP ME!!!”

So after a day of overdosing on Ibuprofen and icepacks, I convinced Joe to go to a balloon glow. Besides the 1.5 hour wait to get in (there was an accident at the entrance to the parking lot) it was pretty awesome. All of the kids were dressed up in the Halloween best asking for candy from the Balloon attendants (is that what you call them?? or is is ballooners?).  When the Ibuprofen wore off, we went home and watched Scream 4.





Saturday I had a totally awesome 5 mile run around my hood.


I started around 6:30AM, so I got an awesome Arizona Sunrise shot! I usually joke about being jealous of my life, but this I’m not…seriously, you have to be jealous of this view!! So freakin’ beautiful.


After watching Scream 4 the previous night, I was CERTAIN that the Scream killer was chasing me. Once I got to the local Canal Greenbelt, I was 100% positive that he would jump out from one of the bridges or culverts.  I was tuned to attack mode and had my house key between my index and middle finger and ready to scream, “ACTUALLY, I DON’T LIKE SCARY MOVIES…YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG RUNNING CHICK!!”


My run was going AWESOME!!! My mile splits were the best in months!! I ended my run at my favorite grocery store, Fry’s Marketplace (be prepared to be jealous). Just south of my house, Frys (part of the Kroger company) created the Disneyworld of grocery stores.  Here’s the details:



  • Open 24 Hours
  • Free Valet
  • Fresh sushi made in house!
  • Bread Factory
  • The most amazing floral shop in the world!!!



  • Tortilla Factory
  • Chocolate Shop
  • Ginormous salad bar and take out food buffet
  • Asian food bar
  • Kitchen for private cooking classes
  • Starbucks, of course
  • Awesome produce department


  • Juice Bar (YES!!! I go here ALL the time…Half Orange Juice, Half Carrot Juice, please!!)
  • Furniture
  • HUGE health food section
  • Hand-Wash Car Wash
  • Wine Bar!!!


  • And a super romantic lounge area. Oh yes, Mr. Romance and I have had several date nights here. Juice for me, Starbucks and a pastry for him.


The rest of Saturday and Sunday was a bunch of randomness and mostly just lounging. Felt good!


Question – Did you do anything fun this weekend?


A Day Off

Workout: Morning 5k and 45 minutes of weight


I’m totally late, but I wanted to fill everyone in on my day off.  I was so excited, because I NEVER take a day off!! I had some doctor appointments that were going to take a long time, so I convinced myself to finally take a full day off from work. Here’s how it went down:

5:30AM – Oh, snap, I have the day off…guess I get to hit the snooze button!! Woot Woot

6:30AM – Went on my favorite 5K morning run

9:00AM – Went to Trader Joe’s, because I’m a Joe Hoe and that’s what we do.  I’m obsessed with TJ’s (I go there so much I’m on a nickname basis with the store); for me it’s like the Nordstroms shoe department for a shoe-aholic. They always have super delicious samples too (without the nasty crowds of Costco)


But today I was on a mission, I needed two thing: Ezekiel Bread and my favorite protein bars (they are $1.50 more across the street at the grocery store!!):


If you haven’t tried the Chocolate-Peanut Butter PowerCrunch bars, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Power Crunch bars are made with Proto Whey protein, which is DH hydrolyzed whey protein (one of your stomach and small intestines job is to hydrolize food) and aids in absorption.  So, lets say your stomach is taking a day off like I am, maybe it won’t hydrolyze all of the protein you are eating…no worries! This Power Crunch company already does this for you, so you’re body will optimize protein absorption.

10AM – Yes, I was at TJ’s for an hour eyeballing all of the new foods!!! I went to my favorite juice bar to get some Scrumdiddlyumptious raw veggie juice (sounds yummy, right?). Paradise Juice in Paradise Valley has a super healthy menu of salads, sandwhiches, smoothies, and straight-up juices.  It’s hard to find places to that serves true Juice….500 calorie Jamba Juice adds sherbet (yes, read their nutrition info) and other juice bars add yogurt…NOT PARADISE JUICE!




Since it’s close to Halloween, I got the Magic Juice: Carrots, Spinach, Parsley, Celery, Apples, and Lemon!!



10:30AM – Phylli Time: Doctors and Such

2:30PM – A little bit of work….Wait a second…I thought this was a day off!!

3:30PM – Nap time…jealous yet?

5:00PM – Weights and then pig out on PowerCrunch bars

6:00PM – Delish dinner with Mr. Romance, steak with baked potato drenched with Pace Picante Sauce. I only buy salsa that is direct from San Antonio from people that know what Picante Sauce is suppose to taste like(GET THE ROPE!)

Phyllin’ Phat only endorses true picante sauces that are direct from San New York City Salsa here.


7:00PM – Induldge in my new favorite show – the X Factor!! Is it me or should just the above 30 have their own competition show!! I LOVE the over 30!!!!

9:00PM – Shower and Bedtime…Sad smile 

Question – What do you do on your days off??