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Back From the Dead

Disclaimer: This is a sympathy free blog – please do not “ahh” or say “poor thing”.  I started this blog to be completely honest about myself, and this is about as honest as I can be. As much as I detest and hide this side of my life, it has made me the cynical (yet optimistic) person that I am.


If you’ve halfway followed my blog over the months, you’ve probably noticed I’ve lots of really great excuses for my lack of exercising and blogging. I come with you know, though, with a legitimate, honest betrayal of my whereabouts.

Many moons ago I briefly touched on my often ongoing battle with myasthenia gravis. Although I don’t typically feel 100% (I aim for 90%), my MG has reared its ugly head and has put me down faster than Urkele in a one-on-one match with Mike Tyson.

Since November I have been increasingly feeling worse and only starting really feeling better this week (but sadly still not great). MG is a strange disease; to the outsider you look pretty normal  (other than what looks like a lazy eye from your muscles being tired) but internally your immune system is at war with your muscles. At my recent worst, I could barely walk up a small flight of stairs and I struggled to open a jam-packed clothes rack at Banana Republic while finding my size.

Due to my weakened body I haven’t been able to be very active and self-conscious 13-year old Phyllis has overtaken my mindset. If you’ve ever had any issues or problems in your life, I’m sure you’ve probably experienced a “woe is me” moment. Well…I’ve been deep in this slump and haven’t felt motivated to log into the blog, read other blogs, or even walk around the block.

To combat my symptoms, I have been overdosing on doctor appointments and performing top secret IV treatments and at-home therapies. So twice a week I give myself a subcutaneous injection of immune globulin (solution of antibodies made from donated plasma). The treatments really aren’t a big deal…but I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since starting them.


Although there have been times in my life that I’ve been extremely sick from MG, I have never felt more “sick” than the day I had to put up a Sharps container next to my coffee maker. There is something very unnatural about having a closet full of medical supplies and a half-filled refrigerator of medicine. On the positive side, these geriatric home accessories have helped me grow into not-so-young name, Phyllis.



Even though my body’s strength can get worst within a day, it’s a long, slow progression to getting healthy. Right now, I don’t think I could even run a mile….but all in due time I’ll be back in shape.  After months of these at-home treatments and a couple of IV treatments, I’ve finally starting feeling like I can start getting active again. However, this time I’m going to try something different.

From one treatment I acquired aseptic meningitis and decided that I can’t spend the rest of my life injecting foreign substances into my body (besides, there isn’t even room in my fridge for a thanksgiving bird from all the meds!! Priorities people!).  So, since November I have been researching some alternative medicine and am developing some ideas on changing my daily habits (I’ll keep you posted as I do them).

So, I apologize immensely to the few people that follow me…I hope you understand that I’ve been trying to deal with crap and my crappy attitude.


Let’s Workout!

Workout: a very difficult P90x…I can barely walk from yesterday!

Since I last wrote that I started P90x again, I’ve gotten several texts/emails asking about P90x. So…here’s the scoop…

Overview: P90x is a full-body, 90 day program that combines strength training, cardio, flexibility, and core training. The workouts are 50-80 minutes long and and you do it 6 days a week; however, I often change out the cardio days for my own cardio routines.  I must warn you, the routines are REALLY challenging and you’ll be REALLY sore the next day, but it’s important to KEEP DOING IT.  Also, don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do the exercises the first week, you’ll be amazed by week three that what you first thought was impossible you can now do.  Tony continues to say through the workouts, “modify, modify, modify”…I always modify certain moves that my body just can’t do, but I put 100% into my modified moves and I still get results.

Equipment Needed:

  • Dumbbells. Since dumbbells are expensive I only have 10 pound and 5 pounds at home, if I need heavier weights I combine them or if I need lighter ones I use things around the house (cans, full milk jugs, Vegas, etc.)
  • A way to do pull-ups. I bought a $5 pull-up bar from a used sporting good store that fits in my hallway door.
  • Resistance Bands.  If you are a weakling like me and need some help with your pull-ups, you can tie resistance bands to your pull-up bar and replicate doing a pull-up. 
  • Exercise Mat.  There are a lot of push-ups, ab exercises, etc…unless you want shredded knees, get an exercise mat or towel. 
  • Schedule and Workout Sheet. I’m pretty sure Tony Horton spent some time developing the correct workout schedule to optimize weight loss and strength muscles, so why half-ass it and just do any old video whenever you feel like it?  Also, you need to track your results, so you can see your progress and increase your intensity. I use this downloaded worksheet to track my progress.  Recently though, an app was developed where you can download the routine and track your progress. 


So, here’s the deal, P90X is pretty expensive (but you’re worth it!); however, thanks to modern day technology you can test out P90X using YouTube or another data source. Get creative kids!! Smile

So, I’m hoping that you’ll join for the next two weeks to complete part of Phase 1 of P90X. If you don’t have the proper equipment this week, don’t worry, you don’t need any equipment to do the cardio or ab routines. NO EXCUSES! Here’s our schedule this week, if you want to join:

Monday – Chest and Back and Ab Ripper

Tuesday- Plyometrics (warning, this will kick your ass…Do this though, don’t substitute for your own cardio)

Wednesday – Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper

Thursday – Yoga X

Friday – Legs and Back and Ab Ripper

Saturday – Kenpo (I never do this, I’d rather run or do some other type of cardio)

I’ll post pics this week  of the workouts and next Monday, we’ll on Bring it together!! DEAL!?!





Birthday Greys

Workout: 1 mile stair climber, 2 mile run on treadmill

After a month of feeling “grey”, I figured I would do the one thing that makes all girls happy. Cue Cher from my all-time favorite movie “Clueless”…



Makeover Part 1 – Working off my Phat Ass. Headed to the gym for some much needed calorie burning. I’m definitely not a hiker like Diane, but occasionally I like to jump on the stair climber for a power trip.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a mechanical set of stairs makes you feel powerful. Well, two things..

  1. I imagine this is how tall people see the world. At a measly 5’1” I like to pretend that I’m Gisele height towering over the shorties.
  2. From the top step of the stair climber you can see the entire gym, much like the emperor of a small country looking out on his subjects (yes, you read into that right, I feel like I’m the Queen of the gym). It doesn’t help that a bright light shines down on me and in his best British accent Joe screams out, “Hear ye, Hear ye…put down thy dumbbells and behold the Queen.”



Makeover Part 2 – Wax it Up. Confession time, I have a serious addiction. Yes, my name is Phylli and I am a browaholic. I love to tweeze, pick, pluck, etc my eyebrows. When I’ve gone crazy my brow lady, Laura, saves my poor little brows from my self mutilation. If you are in the Phoenix area and need anything wax, Laura is AMAZING!! Check her out at Keep Calm and Wax On.

Makeover Part 3 – Disguise the Grey. Maybe my month of feeling grey has been my hair color seeping into my brain; even though I’m a young, ripe 29 (30 tomorrow) my hair is heavy on the grey! So, I completed my mini makeover with my hairstylist Damian at Snapdragon Salon in Phoenix. Poor Damian, he has to pretend that I’m funny, that he is interested in what I’m saying, and he has to blow dry my massive pageant hair!  But he covers my greys and makes my hair super sexy and sassy while entertaining me with his witty jokes, so I keep going back. Also, he’s an amazing artist, so you if you are looking for some unique art definitely give his work a try at Damian Creates.

Makeover Part 4 – Take Facebook Page Photos Of Your Transformation. NERD ALERT!!



Question – What do you do to get out of a funk?